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Analysts are predicting a possible increase in the price of subscriptions – but, calmly, still only in the United States and Europe. The assessment comes from Alex Giaimo, from the investment bank Jefferies Group, in a note to clients.

The bet is based on a change in the company’s discourse between the last two first fiscal reports this year. “After the language change on prices in the presentation [dos resultados financeiros do último trimestre], we believe in a potential increase as a problem to be faced in the near future ”, he informed.

According to the analyst, the company spoke of “not even thinking about price increases”, in the presentation of the first quarter of the fiscal year. However, it is now said to be “more open” to think about the issue, suggesting that this may happen soon. For Giaimo, the change should happen only in the North American and European markets, in which there has been no adjustment since May 2019. However, the change is always indicative of what can happen here, creating an alert also for Brazilians.

The last national readjustment was in 2019 in line with changes in the United States. At the time, the basic plan rose from R $ 19.90 to R $ 21.90, with the standard from R $ 27.90 to R $ 32.90. The highest price of Netflix in Brazil, which includes four simultaneous screens and Ultra HD content, costs R $ 45.90 per month.

Variation in the price of Netflix subscriptions in Brazil between 2013 and 1019 (Image: Playback / Netflix)

Historically, the company adjusts its prices in the Brazilian market every two years, thus, the probability is that the change will arrive only next year.

Source: BGR

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