Netflix unveils new Resident Evil animated series for 2021


Netflix has some news for Resident Evil fans, and after announcing the arrival of an action series in 2021, now also comes confirmation for the arrival of the new Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness – an animated series of the same format.

This new animated series will be broadcast in the anime format, and will have the supervision of Capcom’s own Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who will analyze all episodes and provide his vision for the series in general.

The series should be produced by the studios “TMS Entertainment”, which have among their names other titles such as Akira and Lupine the 3rd.

There is a clear strength of Capcom in relaunching the name Resident Evil on the market, especially as the game’s 25th anniversary is approaching. Netflix titles will certainly help in this task, and it is possible that more news will be revealed in the coming months.


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