Netizens criticize Mion’s comment to Carol Narizinho


Last night (29th), day of field formation, Marcos Mion he made a speech that did not please the audience, who criticized the presenter’s attitude, saying that in addition to not being impartial, it was also a lack of respect. He justified himself on his Twitter because he was being attacked a lot.

Mion had positioned himself on the attitude of participant Carol Narizinho, “we expect the next farmers to assess the importance of this position, okay? Because it was clear that Carol was the opposite of what I said ”. This comment was due to the farmer not giving examples of behavior to other pawns.

The farm: Netizens criticize Mion’s comment. | Photo: Reproduction.

Mion makes comment to Carol Narizinho and netizens criticize

Many people went to the presenter’s Instagram to comment on his photos butchering him.

A netizen, in a comment on the video posted on Instagram, said he should not influence the game.

Another internet user even commented on his Twitter: “I think this is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen in all editions”. Check out the video of the moment when Mion criticizes Narizinho:

After the program ended, and during the discussion that led Raisa playing cream on the boys’ faces, Narizinho also played a hint for Mion: “the farmer will have to put it in order here, because if not, he will speak”.

This morning (30), Marcos Mion posted Tweets in his defense, claiming that he is and always will be impartial. He also justified that it was not a specific message for Carol, but for all pedestrians.

By Maria Eduarda Leal – Speak! Mack


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