New encyclical by Pope Francis criticized ‘for excluding women’


  • Lucas Ferraz
  • From Rome to BBC News Brasil

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New encyclical uses the word ‘brothers’, which aroused criticism within the Church

Next weekend, at an event in the Italian city of Assisi, the Pope Francisco he will sign a new encyclical, the third of his pontificate, focused on brotherhood among peoples in a world in constant conflict and now marked by the coronavirus.

Before being published, the papal letter has been causing discord among the faithful, especially among Catholic feminists. The reason: the use of the word “brothers” in the title, not to mention the equivalent “sisters”.

Taken from a writing by Saint Francis of Assisi, patron of the poor and animals and saint who inspired Jorge Mario Bergoglio to adopt the name Francisco, the expression “Fratelli tutti” (all brothers, in Italian) was published last month as the title of the new encyclical and immediately became the target of criticism from women’s groups, who claimed not to be represented.

The controversy was added to others in a moment of special tension for the Vatican, which saw in the last week the resignation of one of the main cardinals of the Roman Clergy, Angelo Becciu, close assistant to the pope who was defenestrated by Bergoglio himself for allegedly being involved in corruption. – the case is under investigation, in Vatican and ordinary courts.


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