New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross anticipated by project


In the last week, Mitsubishi released a teaser stating that Eclipse Cross would receive updates. With a new look, the brand’s entry-level SUV in Brazil is expected to appear fresh until the end of the first quarter of next year, adding criticism to the model’s controversial look.

However, the only image of the car revealed by the teaser, showed few details of the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. It was only known that the model would be based on the 2017 e-Evolution Concept. With curiosity on the rise, Russian designer Nikita Chuiko published on the website Bikes some projections of what the novelty should look like.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross to lose controversial rear
Image: Reproduction Kolesa

In the images, it is possible to see that a more traditional approach was chosen for the new Eclipse Cross. The front brings the daytime LED lights well tapered in an elevated position, with the headlights lower, in large shelters on the sides of the bumpers. The rear leaves aside the headlights that cross the rear window in favor of a more conventional solution, with vertical parts occupying the C column. In general, the result is well aligned with what was seen in the new Mitsubishi ASX and the recently launched L200 Triton Sport.

Although not yet confirmed, the mechanical assembly of the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross may have pluggable hybrid options for selected markets. It will have under the hood the same set as the Outlander PHEV, bringing a 2.0 gasoline engine and two other electric motors, which give the vehicle an all-wheel drive system.


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