nine out of ten cured patients have side effects


Nine out of ten patients with Covid-19 reported experiencing side effects after recovering from the disease. According to a preliminary South Korean study, symptoms such as fatigue, loss of smell or taste and psychological disorders have been reported.

The survey comes at a time when the global number of deaths from Covid-19 exceeded 1 million on Tuesday, 29.

The online survey was conducted with 965 patients recovered from the infection. Of these, 879 people, the equivalent of 91.1%, responded that they were experiencing at least one side effect, said Kwon Jun-wook, an official with the Korean Disease Prevention and Control Agency (KDCA).

Fatigue was the most common side effect, recorded in 26.2% of the survey participants. The second was the difficulty of concentration, which manifested itself in 24.6% of people, said Kwon.

Other side effects included psychological or mental effects and loss of taste or smell.

Kim Shin-woo, professor of internal medicine at the Kyungpook National University School of Medicine in Daegu, sought comments from 5,762 recovered patients in South Korea. Of the patients, 16.7% participated in the survey, said Kwon.

Although the consultation was made online for now, lead researcher Kim will soon publish the study with detailed analysis, he said.

South Korea is also conducting a study with about 16 medical organizations on complications of the disease for the next year. The study will be carried out by means of a detailed analysis with CT scans in recovered patients, Kwon informed at a news conference.

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