No dialogue between the parties – fears chaos on Monday – NRK Vestland


– I hope most people have realized that there is a strike, but I am afraid it will be chaos on Monday.

This is what Trude Valle, regional leader of the Professional Traffic Association in Western Norway and a member of the negotiating committee, says.

First, bus drivers in Oslo and Viken went on strike. On Saturday morning, the strike was stepped up, and now drivers are also on strike in Vestland, Trøndelag, Rogaland, Nordland, Agder and Møre og Romsdal.

Around 8500 drivers have been taken out in total. They are striking for better working time arrangements, higher wages and better security.

On Sunday evening, there is still no dialogue between employees and employers.

Think it might be an expensive week

Some have taken autumn vacation now. But in most counties, school and work are still in full swing, including in Trøndelag.

Thea Vikstrøm from Trondheim often takes the bus two or three times every day, including to and from work. She is prepared for this week to be both hectic – and expensive.

– Either it takes a long time because I have to walk, or I have to take a taxi, Vikstrøm says when NRK meets her on Sunday afternoon.

She also expects it to be more chaotic due to more cars in traffic.

Morten André Waclawczyk also thinks so. He is on the strike committee of the Trade Union in Trondheim, and was on strike on Sunday afternoon.

– I think there can be a lot of cars. And little with parking spaces, I would think. Just today, on a Sunday, there are an incredible number of cars out, says Waclawczyk.

THINK IT WILL BE CHEOTIC: Morten André Waclawczyk in Trondheim says that the will to strike is great, but that he sympathizes with all those who in the future will struggle to get from a to b.

Photo: Jøte Toftaker / NRK

– Compassion for those who do not get to work and school

Waclawczyk was on strike at Sorgenfri in Trondheim on Sunday afternoon, surrounded by green city buses in a row. This is how they should be parked until the strike is called off.

– We are in a good mood and the will to strike is great. We have demanded this for a long time, we have waited for 13 years, he says.

But he feels that it bites a little on the conscience towards the inhabitants of Trondheim.

– We see how many are dependent on us, and sympathize with those who do not get to work and school. But right now we have to prioritize, Waclawczyk states.

We are in a good mood and the will to strike is great. here we are fine on strike during the day, because we have demanded this for a long time. we have been waiting for 13 years.

– Avoid traveling

Trains, trams, subways, urban railways and speedboats are not affected by the strike. Thus, the pressure on these travel options can be very great.

Skyss, which is responsible for public transport in the part of Vestland that is old Hordaland, is crystal clear in its appeal:

– Do not travel unless you have to, says Skyss director Målfrid Vik Sønstabø to NRK.


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