Norwegians are linked to human trafficking on Lesvos


Greek police have taken action against the network, which started operations in June 2019.

In total, there will be 35 people who are affiliated with non-governmental organizations that work with humanitarian work on the island, which is best known for the refugee camp on Moria.

– After many months of investigation by the Mytilene Security Directorate, the actions of this organized network were identified. They were systematically active in facilitating the illegal entry of foreigners into Greek territory, through the island of Lesvos, police told the Greek City Times.

It was VG who first mentioned the case in Norway.

Transported refugees from Turkey

According to Greek police, people have been picked up in Turkey and transported across the Aegean Sea in boats.

The network must have communicated in closed groups on Facebook and in messaging apps. According to the police, they made 32 illegal journeys and transported 3,000 people into Greece.

Those involved are suspected of participating in a criminal organization, espionage, violations of the law against sharing state secrets, and violations of immigration regulations.

The police have opened cases against people from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, France, Spain and Norway.

Clay in crisis

When TV 2 was in the Moria camp recently, it had just burned down. At the same time as this was happening, coronary heart disease had spread in the camp.

Several of the refugees in the camp are suspected of being behind the fire. Since then, a new camp has been set up on Lesvos where refugees can seek refuge.

Earlier in September, it was decided that Norway will pick up 50 asylum seekers from the camp.


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