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Yesterday, on Rede TV, there was the premiere of “Opinion in the Air”, led by Luís Ernesto Lacombe and the participation of Amanda Klein and Silvio Navarro.

It is interesting to see how certain program models, renewed and adapted, always come back with time.

The format is exactly the same as “Record em Notícias”, presented by Hélio Ansaldo on TV Record, in the 70s, which due to the advanced age of some of its members, became better known as “Jornal da Tosse”.

Hélio, after buying A Folha de São Paulo or O Estado de São Paulo at the corner newsstand, Miruna with Guaramomis, selected the subjects that were discussed by César Filho in his first television work.

The “Jornal da Tosse” managed to put itself in history, even though it was from a time when television journalism worked with resources very close to zero.


The nickname “Jornal da Tosse” was given by the journalist Ferreira Netto, who also called Bandeirantes “little shop with antenna on top”.

And the Tupi of “Gaiola das Loucas”, due to the high number of tenants, who never understood each other in their direction.


Mônica Carvalho will also be on “Gênesis”, Record’s soap opera, on the return of her recordings on October 19th.

But from now on, it will be available for the necessary health tests. Besides her, Thiago Rodrigues and Bárbara França.

Next premiere

Rede TV !, after Luis Ernesto Lacombe, works to premiere, on the morning of next Monday, the program of Claudete Troiano.

The details, including the name itself, are being closed.


Marcão do Povo did not present the “First Impact” yesterday at SBT.

Saturday, during a go-kart training, he hit hard and in addition to some bruises, he injured his knee. But come back today.


Turner debuts in November, through Facebook Watch, the program “Liga Stund Up”, which is in the post-production phase.

In the cast, Thiago Ventura, Victor Sarro and Renato Albany. Production is by Clube Mídia.


Victor Sarro, also a comedian at Record and responsible for the digital video for “A Fazenda”, was admitted to the hospital on Friday, after having a bad time recording “Hora do Faro”.

On social media, he said it was gastroenterocolitis, an inflammation that affects the stomach and small intestine. He was discharged, but has not yet returned to work.

Without debate

SBT reported yesterday that, “due to the pandemic and the high number of candidates for the City Halls of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Belém”, it chose not to hold the debate among the candidates in the first round in these capitals.

But he reaffirmed, for the respective campaigns, the interest in maintaining the date, November 21, for the second round.


Jojo Todynho, like Leonardo and Eduardo Costa, became a safe spot for any program, a guarantee of audience.

Now, locked in “Fazenda”, among so many other participants, she also manages to stand out. In the “betting exchange”, it already appears as a big favorite.

Teen version

Next Sunday, at “Hora do Faro”, the premiere of “Canta Comigo Teen” will take place.

Ticiane Pinheiro will emerge as a “co-presenter”, interacting with the participants and their families.


Marina Ruy Barbosa received on Sunday, in São Paulo, the award in the category “Female TV Artist” in the 2020 edition of “Meus Nick Awards”.

Still away from television, she now dedicates herself to her own clothing label, called Ginger.

Defined like this

Of the total of 15, only one episode of the new “Escolinha” season, already entirely recorded, was carried out using a chroma key feature, one that will address the theme “distance learning”, moving its characters.

The rest were entirely recorded in the studio, following the health protocols.


On Bandeirantes radio, from the 1st, Alexandre Praetzel’s return is confirmed, which will reinforce the team of commentators in sports broadcasts.

On the 5th, Mariana Godoy debuts on the “Jornal Gente” stand, alongside Cláudio Humberto, Pedro Campos and Thays Freitas.

Grandson of Luciano

And among the many news scheduled for radio Bandeirantes, Paulo do Valle’s entry into the sport’s reporting team is also certain.

He who is grandson of Luciano do Valle, having worked at Record, in Campinas.

Journalism – 1

Daniel Adjuto will take on “Visão CNN”, on CNN Brasil, which at first would be presented by Sidney Rezende.

Adjuto is moving from Brasília to São Paulo because of this commitment.

Journalism – 2

Yesterday, using YouTube and social networks, Rachel Sheherazade spoke of her departure from SBT. What was expected for the end of October, was anticipated, through an email communication and in the most unkind way possible.

After all, it’s been ten years or so at home. A little more consideration and respect would not cost anything.

Hit – Rebate

• Band’s “Show do Esporte”, in its second exhibition, was able to correct its mistakes in its debut …
• … Only the clipping of the chroma key can be even better.
• Journalist Larissa Calderari announced, on a social network, her hiring for CNN radio …
• … Will work with the competent Roberto Nonato.
• “Broken Hearts” is the new work by Aguinaldo Silva, which will arrive in bookstores in October.
• Juliana Munaro, reporter and presenter, left Globo’s “Pequenas Empresas, Grandes Negócios”.
• Maria Flor, actress, is preparing the launch of her first book, “I don’t feel so alone anymore”.
• Disney + also wants to intensify series production here.
• SBT invited commentator Neto to participate in Eliana and Ratinho’s programs …
• … The Band did not release.


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