“nothing that a punch won’t do”


The program “A Fazenda” is on fire, it is worth mentioning that before the bullshit that is going on in the house, the participant Jojo Todynho was one of the first people to touch Biel’s head, even saying that the place of the past was a reference and not permanently, and that she would not judge him for the things he did out here, but with the coexistence within the program things changed the scenario and she ended up realizing that he was always cute, debauched, giggles to her face and as everyone who watches the program knows, he even made comments denigrating her image, her body, even saying that she was not as successful as he, because she owns only one hit out here, while he owned more than 8, comparing musical careers, which has no meaning in the program.

“Past is a place of reference and not a place of permanence”, watch the video that shows that Jojo was one of the first participants to reach out to Biel, before he stabbed her in the back.

After so much revolt, Jojo sent an indirect to Biel and called him a loose guy, but the video was cut by the production of the program, otherwise Bishop Edir Macedo goes crazy, but follows a brief part of the bullshit live now in that time:

But as we are not silly or anything, we get the full video for you:


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