“Now the stick will roast”, says Jojo Todynho in a fight


After the various punishments over the weekend at reality The Farm 12, the problems for pedestrians have surfaced and highlighted the figure of Jojo Todynho, Biel and Cartolouco.

This Wednesday (30th), after the farm in which Jojo clarified his desire to vote for singer Biel and called him “loose” and “c ****”, the fight of singer Jojo Todynho and Raíssa also reverberated Barbosa in relation to the men of the house, who are in a plan to remove the ex-miss butt Raisa, as well as Cartolouco and Biel debauchery to Jojo.

In this way, the Joao paoa went to great lengths to fight back what was being done on the farm and began to take out the anger he felt towards most of the men of the house when he hit an object in the kitchen at the headquarters. The singer also stated: “I put the hate out. I put it, people, so as not to mess up ”.

While Jojo was taking his anger out in the kitchen, the room was with Raisa expelling her anger through moisturizers on the men’s faces, the paoa still revolted after the votes focused only on her. In the last vote, Raisa discounted her anger by throwing water at Biel’s face, check it out here.

Raisa throws moisturizer in the face of participants in The Farm 12. / Photo: Reproduction.

Thus, The Farm 12 it has an issue with repercussions in polemics and fights because of a bad coexistence between the participants and a combination of votes.

The game is surfacing the pawns. Jojo’s speech was also commented on by the viewers who fervently follow the twelfth edition of the reality.

NOW THE DICK IS GOING TO GO, got it? If you want peace, amen! If you want war, you tell me!

Jojo Todynho in The Farm 12.

Jojo Todynho
Jojo Todynho fights with men in The Farm 12. / Photo: Reproduction.

In the dynamics of “Resta 1”, the 23-year-old singer was saved by Mateus, who chose her because she was very close since the beginning of the game. Thus, the farm of the week is still composed only by Raíssa Barbosa. In addition, Biel, Rodrigo and Juliano went to the Farmer’s Test, a stage which will decide who will be saved from the farm and who will go straight to it.

Viewers also commented on Jojo’s revolt on the farm, check out:

Twitter user about Jojo’s fight in A Fazenda 12. / Source: Twitter.

Check the moment of the fight in The farm, in the 12th edition:

Jojo and Raissa Barbosa intensify the atmosphere with a fight in A Fazenda 12. / Source: Twitter.

By Amanda Marques – Writing Speak!


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