Nubank approves credit card with a limit of R $ 50 for new users


THE Nubank is already considered one of the most important fintechs (digital finance) in Brazil. Recently, the company reached the mark of 25 million customers, including users of the digital account and the credit card, nicknamed “roxinho”.

A pioneer in offering digital banking and financial services in Brazil, the brand emerged to provide more autonomy and less bureaucracy for those who want to escape the fees charged by traditional banks.

Nubank approval

So many innovations end up attracting the interest of many consumers. However, getting approval for the service can be a difficult journey. Many have tried to use Nubank’s credit card, but have been disapproved for several reasons.

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The causes can be in the low credit score or bad debt. Others, on the other hand, get approval, but with a much lower limit than expected.

What is credit score?

When a person is interested in credit in the market and requests services of the type from a company, their data is analyzed for approval. Thus, the grantor analyzes whether it is worthwhile or not to make the resource available to that potential customer. This is done through a consultation with the CPF, which shows the credit score.

This score ranges from 0 to 1000 and shows the customer’s profile and the type of payer he is. Thus, the larger it is, the greater the chances of getting the service requested. This score takes into account the payment of bills on the due date, debts, outstanding balances, purchases and various other expenses and revenues.

Raising the score is very important, as companies will have a safer opinion about the applicant. To guarantee this increase, the customer must clear his name, if it is dirty, and schedule to pay his overdue bills. To check your score, visit the Serasa Score website.

Nubank credit card limit of R $ 50

In general, customers with lower scores are seen by credit companies as potential risks. Typically, people in such conditions find it difficult to get credit.

However, in order to give this audience a chance, Nubank offers the lowest limit credit card, in the amount of R $ 50. The measure is a way to test consumer confidence so that, in the future, it is granted with a higher credit limit.

Even though it is a small amount, the Nubank initiative is still a positive attitude. A person who would not have access to the service, for example, will be able to guarantee the bank’s trust by paying their bills in days and, thus, in the future, have a greater credit and enjoy the services of the Roxinho widely.

Tips for increasing the Nubank limit

Despite being a beneficial, democratic and inclusive action by Nubank, the initial credit value, for some people, is still considered low. However, there are ways to increase the limit. The main way to do this is to pay the invoices on time, in full.

The customer can also try to advance the amounts paid for installment purchases, spend a good part of the limit and move as much money as possible in the Nubank account. Thus, there will be turnover and the company will realize that the customer has access to greater credit.

Another alternative, in the medium term, is to pay attention to the credit score. Monthly bills, such as water, electricity and internet must be paid in days, in full. All of this is taken into account when approving and also when increasing the limit.

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