Number of coronavirus cases increases in neighborhoods on the outskirts of Porto Alegre | Rio Grande do Sul


Sarandi, in the North Zone, the most populous neighborhood with almost 60,000 residents, has 1,267 confirmed cases of the disease. However, as of June, there were only 49 records.

At the time, Covid-19 was more present in central neighborhoods, such as Petrópolis, with 98 cases, Centro Histórico, with 60, and Rio Branco, with 54.

“People who work in the center, people who work in middle or upper class neighborhoods may be taking them to their neighborhoods, whether in commerce, in industry. Even health professionals. These flows of people in the city have caused the people had a change in this distribution of the virus in the city “, explains the manager of the Epidemiological Surveillance unit in Poro Alegre Juliana Maciel Pinto.

Covid-19 cases in Porto Alegre neighborhoods – Photo: Reproduction / RBS TV

Currently, in addition to Sarandi, Partenon and Lomba do Pinheiro are the neighborhoods with the most cases. Petrópolis is the 6th with more cases, around 900. According to the Health Surveillance Observatory, the advance was faster when it arrived in the peripheral neighborhoods.

“There are usually more than five people living in the same household. This facilitates dissemination. Another issue is also health care in general. Let’s say that healthier foods are more expensive. So, the population that lives the most in the periphery, low income, has a less healthy diet, higher incidence of diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, which are also factors that facilitate a worse evolution of Covid, which leads to a greater number of hospitalizations “, justifies André Dal Bó, member of the Rio-Grandense Society of Infectious Diseases.

Other neighborhoods stand out for having few cases of the disease. In Extrema, in the South Zone, among almost 2 thousand residents, only eight records were recorded. Farroupilha, with half the population, had 19. Still, the experts’ warning is the same.

“If I live in a region with low population density, where there is not a significant number of cases, it does not mean that I will leave the house without a mask, that I will meet with my neighbor in the square. Because I may be going in the neighborhood neighbor or in the city center, I have to make a medical appointment, and I may be bringing the virus to my home. It is an individual responsibility that is reflected in the collective “, says Andréa.

Housewife Nair Botona plants flowers on the street bed. But do not neglect to leave the house without a mask.

“I had hired a little boy to help me and said to come with a mask, because the other time he came without. It is not because the thing is decreasing that we are free”, he says.

Covid-19 cases in Porto Alegre neighborhoods – Photo: Reproduction / RBS TV


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