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The Samsung Odyssey G7 and Odyssey G9 have just landed in Brazil. The “most curved gamers in the world” land on national territory for R $ 4,549 and R $ 11,599. In addition to a curvature with a radius of 1,000 mm (1000R), the models have a futuristic and ergonomic design, in addition to a QLED screen that promises greater color quality and immersion for the player. Learn all about the releases.

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Samsung Odyssey G7 has curved screen and cutting edge technologies – Photo: Disclosure / Samsung

Curved screen in the world?

According to the manufacturer, the Odyssey G7 and G9 arrive with the title of “most curved gamers in the world”, for reaching the curvature with a radius of 1,000 mm (1000R). In conversation with TechTudo, the product manager of the monitor division of Samsung Brazil, Marina Correia, stated that the monitor beam was designed to accompany the human eye and avoid vision fatigue. With this, the player can spend more time in front of the screen without feeling tired.

The Odyssey G7 has curvature turned to accompany human vision. – Photo: Luciana Maline / TechTudo

In addition, they also feature a screen with QLED technology, similar to the brand’s line of televisions. The standard promises to consume less energy and generate images with higher levels of brightness, in addition to more accurate colors. To add to the image quality, there is an optimized HDR that gives more details, in addition to supporting resolutions up to WQHD, which, according to the manufacturer, represents 1.7 times more pixels than conventional Full HD.

Samsung Odyssey G7 has USB, HDMI and DisplayPort connections – Photo: Disclosure / Samsung

The new monitors of the Odyssey line are highlighted by a futuristic design, which has five lighting modules and color options. In addition to the look, they also bring an ergonomic experience that impresses, with height and angulation adjustments. The G7, for example, is able to rotate completely, while the G9 is restricted to angle adjustments.

Samsung’s Odyssey G7 monitor rotates completely – Photo: Luciana Maline / Techtudo

Designed to ensure the gameplay of the gamer audience, the monitor has good response and update rates, with 1 ms and 240 Hz, respectively. Thus, the image must have a good fluidity not only for playing games, but also for watching movies and series or editing videos, for example. The Odyssey G7 available in Brazil has 27 inches and is available from this Tuesday (29), for R $ 4,549.

Samsung Odyssey G7 arrives for R $ 4,549 – Photo: Disclosure / Samsung

The 49-inch Odyssey G9 monitor is the first with Dual Quad High-Definition and has a resolution of up to 5120 x 1440, in 32: 9. Also according to the manufacturer, the ratio is equivalent to the experience of playing with two monitors, which ensures greater immersion within the game. Its refresh rate is also 240 Hz and the response time is 1 ms. The G9 arrives for R $ 11,599 and will be available from October.

The Odyssey G9 has 49 inches and proportions capable of generating a dual monitor experience – Photo: Disclosure / Samsung

In addition, both rely on Nvidia’s G-Sync technologies and AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro, which balance the response time between monitors and video cards, are also present.

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