Old TV causes internet interruptions in a village for 18 months – News


Technicians used a monitoring device to identify the source of the interference. Device owner was not identified

After 18 months of Internet outages across the village of Aberhosan in Wales, which occurred daily at 7 am, an investigation by technicians from broadband network company Openreach found what was causing the problem: an old television set .

To reach this conclusion, the technicians used a monitoring device to identify the source of the interference. The device then took the resident in question, who was not identified.

“Our device detected a huge explosion of electrical interference in the village,” Openreach engineer Michael Jones told the BBC. “It turned out that every morning, at 7 am, the resident turned on his old TV, which in turn turned off broadband for the entire village.”

According to the embarrassed The Next Web portal, the man said he did not know that his TV would interfere with the broadband infrastructure of the entire village and immediately promised that he would never use the device again.

After the episode, the engineering leader at Openreach in Wales advised the public to ensure that their electrical appliances are properly certified and meet current British standards.

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