On Saturday he attacked a Sporting partner and yesterday he wanted to ask for the removal of SAD – Sporting


Luís Pires’ request was not even admitted to the vote because it did not gather 2% of the votes

Sporting’s SAD GA was marked by a close attack on the administration of Frederico Varandas that it wasn’t just words. In fact, a SAD shareholder came to present a request to the GA board chaired by Bernardo Ayala that intended to force the immediate dismissal of Varandas and the remaining administrators.

The application, you know Record, ended up not even being admitted to the vote, having been rejected by the GA board. Bernardo Ayala explained to the shareholders that the law, namely the one that regulates listed companies, requires that the requirements, to be accepted, have to support them 2% of the votes, a premise that was not met by its subscribers. And it is at this point, precisely, that of who submitted the application, that a curious fact lies. This is because, according to information collected by our newspaper, the author of this action was Luís Pires, also known as ‘Kolmeia’, the same fan who, last Saturday, assaulted a member of the club’s General Assembly.

By João Lopes and Vítor Almeida Gonçalves


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