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At least two people are injured after a knife attack in the French capital.

At least two people are seriously injured after a knife attack in Paris on Friday, and a suspected perpetrator has been arrested by French police.

According to Le Monde, the two injured are employees of the news agency Premières Lignes. This is stated by producer Luc Hermann.

– None of them will be journalists, but work with production and post-production of film, he says to Le Monde

A person with traces of blood on his clothes was stopped around 12.45 at L’Opera Bastille. The person in question may be one of the suspects, reports Le Figaro.

It was previously reported that two people were searched in connection with the attack.

One was seen disappearing on the subway while the other suspected assistant was at street level near the scene in the 11th arrondissement.

According to NTB, the police believe around 13.30 that only one person was behind the knife attack.

However, the police are conducting a search in the area while the apprehended person is being questioned, police sources inform the AP

Large police forces are out in the streets and the police special force is in place. The street Nicolas-Appert, where Premières Lignes is located, is blocked off, and according to AFP, several dozen police officers are on the scene.

People in the area have been asked to stay indoors, and schools in the area have closed their doors and kept students inside, according to Paris Mayor Ariel Weil.

The stabbings took place near the former premises of Charlie Hebdo, who was subjected to a terrorist attack in 2015.

This is confirmed by the French Prime Minister Jean Castex in a message on Twitter.

– There has been a knife attack near the former premises of Charlie Hebdo. I immediately went to Place Beavau to get an overview of the situation with Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, writes Castex.

Crisis staff has been set up at the Ministry of the Interior.

Two police sources told Reuters that a knife weapon was found at the scene, but it is unclear whether it is a machete or a meat ax.

A suspicious package was also found outside the old premises of the satire magazine, and police barricades were set up around the area, reports Reuters.

The bomb squad has confirmed that the suspicious package did not contain explosives, according to Le Monde.

The trial against several of those who allegedly contributed to the attack on the satire magazine Charlie Hebdo in 2015 where 12 people were killed, started 14 days ago. Whether there is a connection between the trial and the attack on Friday is unknown.

So far it is not known what the motive for the attack is.

The case is being updated

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