OnePlus Nord makes users furious with “amnesia” problems


The OnePlus Nord was one of the most talked about smartphones from the manufacturer, finally responding to the many requests from its fans who wanted to see a OnePlus smartphone priced “flagship killer”. Although its specifications do not do justice to that nickname, a price of just € 419 was enough to create a great hype around its launch.

However, it seems that so far many users have reason to apply the old maxim “cheap is expensive”. According to several reports in the official OnePlus forums, many users are complaining about a serious problem with their OnePlus Nord. There are already many users who claim to have experienced random factory restorations, causing them to lose all smartphone content.

Still without a concrete cause for the problem, it seems that all reports claim that OnePlus Nord started automatic factory restorations while the smartphone was in the users’ pocket.

OnePlus still does not officially recognize this serious problem of OnePlus Nord

According to sources on the Android Police website, the OnePlus team of developers is already investigating the situation and working on a possible resolution of the problem. However, so far no representative of the brand has given an official response to users, who are increasingly furious at OnePlus’ approach to this problem.

Most likely, OnePlus is waiting for its developers to discover the source of the problem before officially confirming its existence. However, fans would certainly appreciate recognition at least in reports published in the brand’s official forums.

OnePlus North

Even though most users today have most of their data, photos, music, videos, etc. saved in cloud, a factory restoration is always a real headache.

Even if it does not cause the loss of any information, the simple fact that it is necessary to reinstall all the applications and log in to them, is more than enough to make OnePlus fans furious.

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