Onix Premier debuts MyLink with 8-inch screen and mobile phone projection via Wi-Fi


The Chevrolet Onix arrives with three new features for the 2021 line. In addition to the launch of the RS and Midnight versions, it has the debut of the ‘wireless car concept’. The wireless car concept is due to the multimedia MyLink now has wireless projection and the fact that the cell phone can be charged by induction.

The difference with Chevrolet wireless projection technology is that the transmission is done through the vehicle’s Wi-Fi, which ensures greater data flow. The system is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and is capable of designing applications such as Waze, Spotify and WhatsApp directly on the panel screen. In addition to the apps can be operated by voice command.

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Another novelty extended to the Onix 2021 line is the MyLink with larger screen, of eight inches. The device brings Bluetooth with connection for up to 2 cell phones simultaneously. The magnetic induction charging system has been available on Onix Premier since the arrival of the new generation last year. To start the operation, just place the phone on the quick charging pad positioned on the center console.

THE Onix Premier it’s the Onix Plus Premier are the top-of-the-line models in the family and come equipped with native Wi-Fi as standard. The Onix Premier is the first car produced in the country to feature this ‘wireless car concept’ package.

Onix is ​​offered in two body options (hatch and sedan), three mechanical packages (1.0 MT6, 1.0 Turbo MT6 and 1.0 Turbo AT6) and in six levels of finishes (MT, LT, LTZ, RS, Midnight and Premier). The available colors are: Switchblade Silver, Black Gold Black, Carmine Red, Seeker Blue and Satin Steel Gray, unprecedented in the line.

Onix and Onix Plus 2021 prices

Onix 1.0 MT: from R $ 56,290 to R $ 58,590
Onix 1.0 LT MT: from R $ 57,470 to R $ 60,490
Onix 1.0 Turbo AT: from R $ 62,200 to R $ 65,390
Onix 1.0 Turbo LT MT: from R $ 64,570 to R $ 65,490
Onix 1.0 Turbo LT AT: from R $ 70,450 to R $ 71,490
Onix 1.0 Turbo LTZ MT: from R $ 67,970 to R $ 68,790
Onix 1.0 Turbo LTZ AT: from R $ 73,800 to R $ 74,590
Onix 1.0 Turbo RS AT: R $ 75,590 (Release)
Onix 1.0 Turbo Premier AT: from R $ 77,760 to R $ 78,690
Onix 1.0 Turbo Premier II AT: from R $ 81,050 to R $ 81,890
Onix Plus 1.0 LT MT: from R $ 61,070 to R $ 64,190
Onix Plus 1.0 Turbo AT: from R $ 65,600 to R $ 68,390
Onix Plus 1.0 Turbo LT MT: From R $ 68,750 to R $ 69,890
Onix Plus 1.0 Turbo LT AT: from R $ 70,450 to R $ 75,290
Onix Plus 1.0 Turbo LTZ MT: from R $ 72,090 to R $ 73,090
Onix Plus 1.0 Turbo LTZ AT: from R $ 77,820 to R $ 78,690
Onix Plus 1.0 Turbo Midnight AT: R $ 81,390 (Release)
Onix Plus 1.0 Turbo Premier AT: from R $ 81,470 to R $ 82,390
Onix Plus 1.0 Turbo Premier II AT: from R $ 84,720 to R $ 85,490

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