Only one Norwegian share rose on Wall Street


MONDAY: Norwegian shares struggled on Wall Street. Photo: AP

Stock market

The Oslo Stock Exchange ended with a solid rise at the beginning of the week, and the main index ended at 851.55, up 1.6 percent. It ended with a broad rise on Wall Street on Monday, and all the leading indices closed in the plus.

Among the Norwegian shares in the USA, 2 out of 5 companies did better in New York than in Oslo.

Frontline did better on Wall Street than on the Oslo Stock Exchange, and closed down 0.93 and 2.87 percent, respectively, on Monday. The opposite was the case for Equinor and Golden Ocean, both of which were weaker in New York than at home in Norway.

Flex LNG was the only Norwegian share to close in plus in New York, after falling 0.10 percent in Oslo.

Borr Drilling fell marginally in Oslo, but experienced a larger fall of 1.48 percent in the United States.

ActionWall StreetOslo Stock Exchange
Frontline– 0,93 %– 2,87 %
Equinor– 0,21 %– 0,07 %
Golden Ocean Group– 2,17 %– 1,72 %
Flex LNG2,40 %– 0,10 %
Drill Drilling– 1,48 %– 0,08 %


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