“Opinion in the Air”, Lacombe’s new program, opens on Monday (see video)


Next Monday (28), he will make his debut on RedeTV! Luís Ernesto Lacombe.

A live program for the whole of Brazil, which will be an open space for debates on important and wide-ranging themes, and will air from Monday to Friday, from 11:45 am to 1:00 pm.

“We will work with the facts, approaching matters with discernment and care. The public can expect an analysis with a critical sense, a positioned journalism, but without militancy,” said Lacombe.

And he continued:

“There will be room for contradiction and a lot of opinion, but without intending to deliver a conclusive product. The conclusion will always be of viewers, attentive and connected, who know well the power that the correct information can provide them.”

Lacombe will share the program stand with journalists Amanda Klein and Silvio Navarro, and will receive an interviewee at each edition, in addition to having participation from other sources and commentators through digital platforms.

Certainly, a great success can already be seen!

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