Palm-only payments


Authentication and payment systems are improving. Nowadays, through a contacless card, or through a smartphone and even a watch, we can safely make payments.

Amazon went even further and created a system that allows you to pay only with the palm of your hand.

You've heard of the Amazon One project. This new payment method, created by Amazon, allows the customer to use only and only the palm of their hand to make payments.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, this seems to be an interesting solution. After the user registers, their profile can be used to enter commercial spaces, stadiums, pay for products or simply use the benefits of loyalty cards.

Amazon One: Palm-only payments

See how it all works ...

Amazon Oneā€¦ and customer privacy?

According to Amazon, data privacy is fully guaranteed. In addition, customers can erase all information from the system at any time. The company also states that the palm of the hand is just an element of authentication like many others, such as, for example, fingerprint.

The company also highlights the fact that there is no need to touch anything for the system to work. With Amazon One, the customer / user no longer has the need to have several cards with them and can do everything with the palm of the hand. This system will, for now, work in the company's stores and it will certainly reach other commercial areas over time.

The company has been working on this project for a few years and finally sees the "light of day".


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