Panic wave in the UK. Supermarkets are back to rationing toilet paper and staple foods – Executive Digest


The Morrisons chain has become the first supermarket to reintroduce rationing limits as the number of new coronavirus cases continues to rise in the UK.

British retail giant Morrisons is imposing a new limit of ‘three per person’ on the most popular and most consumed products, such as cleaning products and toilet paper, reports The Sun.

The chain, which asked consumers not to panic about their purchases earlier this week, has already made it known that the restrictions will apply to “a small number of products”.

“We are introducing a limit for a small number of essential products, such as toilet paper and disinfectant,” a Morrisons spokesman told ITV News.

“Our stock levels for these products are good, but we want to ensure that they are always available to everyone. There is no need to buy more than they normally would ”, adds the official, also ensuring that the stores in this chain“ continue to be fully stocked and I ask that they continue to buy normally.

The chain also guarantees that it will continue to function during the pandemic and will continue to make daily deliveries.

Other major retailers on the British market have already commented on this new runaway. Tesco CEO Dave Lewis stressed that the panic is “unnecessary”, adding that it “creates tension in the supply chain” that can be easily avoided.

also the head of Aldi, Giles Hurley, came to say that he has already asked customers to “buy with awareness”. “There is no need to buy more than I normally would,” he said, in an email sent to customers.


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