Parrots curse visitors and are isolated in an ecological park


(Photo: Instagram reproduction)

Five African gray parrots were taken out of sight when visiting Lincolnshire wildlife park in Friskney, England. The “dirty beak” group needed to be placed in isolation after reproducing many bad words.

Park CEO Steve Nichols said they were adopted in August this year. Together and isolated with others of the species, due to the coronavirus pandemic, one ended up “teaching” bad words to others.

With the end of the quarantine and reopening of the zoo, many visitors complained about the amount of obscenities that the birds were talking about, mainly because the majority of the audience is children.

“The more they curse, the more you laugh, which causes them to curse again,” explained Nichols.

Due to the unusual fact, the gray parrots were isolated, each in a room with other birds, so that they learn to reproduce sounds of nature.

Adults only
On Instagram, Lincolnshire Wildlife Park published on Wednesday (9/30) the images of the animals. In the comments, many people commented with humor on the situation and a large part said that they would even pay to see the “dirty beaks” reproducing bad words.

“I would pay to see them. They could set up a space for adults only and keep all the parrots together ”, commented one follower. “Best story of the week. We want videos, ”asked another. “I would love to pay for a live broadcast of parrots swearing. It’s the best thing I’ve heard in years, ”argued one more.


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