Pastor is acquitted in second instance on child abuse charges


Pastor Felipe Garcia Heiderich, arrested in 2016 on suspicion of having abused his own stepson, then 5 years old, was acquitted, in second instance, by the 1st Criminal Chamber of the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice (TJRJ). Absolution in the first instance was upheld by the appellants, who denied appeals both to Heiderich’s defense and to the lawyers of pastor Bianca Toledo, Heiderich’s ex-wife, who serves as prosecuting assistant in the lawsuit. The Public Ministry was also in favor of acquittal.

“Judicial decision to shut up any nonsense to be said,” Heiderich posted on his social network.

Felipe and Bianca were married for almost three years Photo: Reproduction

Heiderich and Toledo were married for almost three years, but separated in 2016, when the pastor was accused of abusing his ex-wife’s son. The pastor was imprisoned for five days in the GericinĂ³ Complex because of the accusation.

At the time of the arrest, Bianca announced the separation on social media: “I can emphasize that the annulment of the marriage has started and becomes legitimate in the face of the evidence of a double and immoral life. Contrary to what was promised at the altar and publicly highlighted throughout the wedding. Felipe’s theology was perfect, but its interior was a fraud “.

The case was made public after the then Senator Magno Malta cited the pastor’s accusation to the then husband in the Senate plenary. “The fact is that Pastor Bianca Toledo, married to Mr. Felipe Heiderich, she discovered that this pastor, a false pastor, was abusing her five-year-old son,” said the senator, at the time.

The pastor led the AME Ministry (World Alliance for Evangelization and Teaching) alongside his ex-wife, based in Rio de Janeiro.


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