Patenses ignore pandemic and reflex is felt in hospitals


The closing of a party with more than 300 people last weekend in Patos de Minas confirmed that a significant portion of the population is relaxing in the care against the new coronavirus, and the conduct extends to cities in the micro-region. The Municipal Committee for Confronting Covid-19 has already been warning for a possible negative impact of this behavior on the epidemiological data of the disease and, consequently, on the health system. The figures for the past few days in this sense, since the occupation of clinical beds in the public and private networks of the city increased significantly.

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The Hospital de Campanha, for example, reached the highest percentage of hospitalized patients last Sunday (20), when assisting 21 patients, 16 in clinical beds and four in the ICU. On Tuesday (22), when 20 people were suspected or confirmed of the infection, the number of clinical beds reached 18, the highest rate since the unit was activated. In the private network, the picture was not different yesterday: 27 people from Patos de Minas and other locations were interned in three private institutions in the municipality. Of this total, 26 occupied clinical beds, and 24 of them have already confirmed results for Covid-19.

President of the Municipal Health Council, Fátima Gomes expresses concern about the scenario that has been developing in Patos de Minas, which, it is worth remembering, is a reference for the other 11 cities that integrate the micro-region. “The result of the agglomerations is already visible. I have always said and I say again that the irresponsible behavior of some has contributed to the increase in demand for hospital beds. People are crowding bars and parties, putting everyone at risk, especially those who are taking care and staying at home“, She said, adding:” I recognize that the work of inspectors is not easy, considering the indifference of some people in relation to the evident risks “.

For the coordinator of the Municipal Committee for Coping with Covid-19, Célio Adriano Lopes, the number of deaths in the city due to the disease or complications resulting from it also draws attention. There were 11 deaths only from the beginning of September to today, that is, an average of one death every two days. “As we have said, the government is doing its part, it structured the assistance network and continues to improve it, but we will not overcome this virus without the collaboration of each citizen. Younger people need to understand that, although they generally have better immunity, they live with the elderly and other people at risk. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we can take the danger inside the house. This goes for Patos de Minas and anywhere else“, alert.

The local indicators are not calm enough to worry, mainly because of the daily number of new cases. Looking at the last 30 days, there were an average of 15 confirmations daily. “It is still a high number. We had a downward trend until the end of the first half of this month, but that did not last. Patos de Minas will end this week with more new cases compared to previous weeks. It is the reflection of relaxation in care by the population ”, concludes the person in charge of Information and Statistics for Epidemiological Surveillance, Erivaldo Rodrigues Soares.


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