Pedestrians take another punishment and will run out of gas for 48 hours


The pedestrians of “A Fazenda 12”, after being punished with a day without running water, due to alcoholic gel drinks at the Shippados party, received, this morning, a new punishment and will be without gas for 48 hours . The penalty was applied because the participants did not wake up after the third sign of production.

Carol Narizinho read the reason for the punishment, on the home screen: “The sound signals must be answered on the first ring. The second ring warns of a tolerance. If not answered, the third ring followed by punishment will sound. For noncompliance with the rule, everyone will be punished. You will be 48 hours without gas “.

“Nobody woke up on the first ring. Only if they played too low,” complained Carol. “Neither in the first nor in the second. I woke up with you poking me,” replied Mariano, beside the paoa. “I didn’t hear. I only heard the second,” agreed Lidi Lisboa.


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