“Period”: Pantone launches a new shade of red to end the stigma of menstruation | Campaign


It is part of a new campaign that aims to end the stigma associated with menstruation and was born from a partnership between Pantone and the Swedish brand of feminine hygiene products Intimina. It is called “Period” and it is an “active and adventurous red tone” that was launched this Tuesday by the Color Institute, whose aim is to “encourage people who menstruate to feel proud of who they are. ”.

The campaign Seen+Heard (“Visto + Ouvido”, in a free translation) has as its “standard” this new shade of red and was created by Intimina to encourage people, regardless of their gender, to talk openly about menstruation. According to the Swedish brand, the color corresponds to an “original shade of red that represents a regular flow”, quotes the British daily The Guardian.

“An active and adventurous shade of red, ‘Period’ encourages menstruating people to feel proud of who they are. To assume their period with self-confidence; to rise and passionately celebrate the powerful and exciting life force with which they are born; to urge everyone, regardless of gender, to feel comfortable to speak spontaneously and openly about this pure and natural function of the body ”, explains Laurie Pressman, vice president of Pantone, cited by the same newspaper.

As part of the new campaign, Intimina made a donation, worth two thousand pounds (about 2191 euros), to the non-governmental organization ActionAid that helps women and children at risk of poverty.

“Today, worldwide, millions of women and girls still suffer due to the stigma associated with the period. Many girls miss essential school days, or even drop out altogether [a escola], which is one of the reasons why so many women experience poverty throughout their lives globally. Without the stigma surrounding the period, more women will be able to escape poverty, reach their potential and strengthen their communities. This important campaign will help to change that, ”added Jillian Popkins, who belongs to ActionAid in the UK.

Pantone’s color system was developed in 1963, in the United States, to facilitate the work of the printing industry. Currently, the design, textiles and printing globally use what is perhaps the most well-known palette in the world and which already has a spectrum of 2625 color samples.

Classic Blue was the color of the year 2020 selected by Pantone, which associates this blue tone with feelings of calm, confidence and affinity.


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