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It started burning on Wednesday morning in a commercial building in Moelv. About 200 meters of the length of the roof was on fire.

A person has now been found dead inside the building. This is confirmed by Sidsel Svarstad, operations manager for the police in the Inland.

– I can confirm that a dead person has been found inside the fire site. Efforts are being made to get the person out, says operations manager Svarstad to NRK just after 1 p.m.

She says the person has not been identified.

– There is still a partial risk of landslides in parts of the building. We are thus not allowed to search throughout the building.

One person has been missing

Jane Brendhagen, head of operations in the Innlandet police district, said this morning that one person is missing.

– The police have now been informed that a person has not been accounted for. There are smoke divers inside the room.

She added:

– The person in question was to work on the roof of the building.

Brendhagen said they do not know where the person may be.

– It is impossible for us to say. We are working on the case now.

The relatives of the missing person are now being taken care of by a crisis team.

The police can not yet confirm that it is the missing person who has been found, but the relatives have been notified that a dead person has been found inside the building, says operations manager Svarstad.

FLAMES: Dina Ragnarsen filmed this video of the fire on Wednesday morning.

Demanding extinguishing work

There should be a housing unit inside the building, but no one should have been present there when the fire started, the police say.

– The housing unit has been searched and is empty. But we have not found out who lives there, says Sidsel Svarstad.

The fire service described the extinguishing as demanding, but at 11 o’clock got control of the fire.

The fire brigade in the Inland has had assistance from Nedre Romerike, and worked to prevent the spread to the entire building.

– It is a building with objects such as motorhomes and boats, says operations manager Brendhagen.

TASK LEADER: Jane Brendhagen in the police in the Inland says that a person has not been accounted for. The person in question was to work on the roof of the commercial building that was burning.

Photo: Vibecke Wold Haagensen / NRK

RV owner: – Nothing to do but run down

Car owner Geir Arne Moe Jacobsen quickly took action when he heard about the fire.

– Then there was nothing to do but run down. My motorhome is stored here, says Jacobsen to NRK.

He managed to save the camper.

– I think it was very nice to get it, so it was not lost.

When he arrived at the scene of the fire, the fire brigade had arrived and started rolling out hoses.

– We who came here were not inside the building, it was the fire brigade who got the keys and got the car. Fortunately, it went well for me, says Jacobsen to NRK.

Geir Arne Jacobsen

CARAVAN OWNER: Geir Arne Moe Jacobsen ran down to the fire site when he heard about the fire. He was able to salvage his motorhome.

Photo: Vibecke Wold Haagensen / NRK

– Very tragic

He finds it difficult to estimate how much value is inside the building.

– But when you combine all the cars and boats, there are quite a few millions that are in there.

He thinks it’s sad to see the building in flames and smoke.

– Fire is very tragic, and some of the worst that can happen. You never have a guarantee. We hope it goes well for most people.

FIRE: Reporter Eilin Spolèn Juva filmed the fire in Moelv on Wednesday morning.


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