PF performs operation against faction’s financial arm; justice blocks R $ 730 million


The Federal Police today carry out Operation King of Crime in São Paulo and two other states in southern Brazil to dismantle a financial arm that has been operating in favor of the PCC (First Command of the Capital) for over ten years. The investigation prohibited more than 70 companies and blocked, with the authorization of the Justice, bank accounts that exceed R $ 730 million.

According to the PF, the disarticulated money laundering scheme today was carried out through gas stations and a fuel distributor. The main target of the action is a man identified as German. This man would have a network of gas stations and would be involved in other crimes of the PCC, like homicide.

Investigations suggest that Alemão may have been involved in the double murder in 2018 of Rogério Jeremias de Simone, Gegê do Mangue, and Fabiano Alves de Souza, Paca, who were the main leaders of the faction at liberty until then. They were killed for stealing the faction itself.

In all, 20 people have been indicted and are expected to face criminal organization and money laundering, according to the PF. Among the targets of the operation are, in addition to Alemão, and a person who was convicted of involvement in the theft at the Central Bank of Brazil, which took place in Fortaleza in 2005.

13 preventive arrest warrants and 43 search and seizure warrants are being carried out, in addition to the hijacking of 32 cars, nine motorcycles, two helicopters, one yacht, three watercraft, 58 trucks and 42 trailers and semi-trailers, totaling R $ 32 millions. The warrants were issued by the 6th Federal Criminal Court of São Paulo.

The warrants are being carried out in luxury apartments and companies in the cities of São Paulo, Bauru (SP), Igaratá (SP), Mongaguá (SP), Guarujá (SP), Tremembé (SP), Londrina (PR), Curitiba and Balneário Camboriú (SC).

Amount of money and jewelry seized in PF operation against drug trafficking

Image: Disclosure / PF

“This is the true face of the CCP. This is the face that must be faced by everyone. A criminal organization specializing in money laundering for drug trafficking,” he told the Twitter the delegate Elvis Secco, general coordinator of Drug Repression and Criminal Factions of the PF.

In all, 73 companies were investigated and banned this morning. The PF requested in court that these companies will be managed by Senad (National Secretariat for Policies on Drugs), an organ of the Ministry of Justice, “to ensure that employees and third parties are not harmed”.

The investigation was carried out by the Sensitive Investigations Group, an intelligence unit of the Federal Police, which is part of the Narcotics Enforcement Police Station.

According to the PF, financial transactions were tracked and identified in the German fuel network that operated for the benefit of the PCC’s financial arm, to launder money “through companies with solid market presence and front companies or composed interposed people (oranges) “.

The PF intends, until December, to apprehend R $ 1 billion of Brazilian organized crime.

The Coaf (Financial Activities Control Council) also provided financial intelligence reports to the Federal Police pointing out atypical movements of the investigated group, whose value exceeds the figure of R $ 30 billion.

* Collaborated Andreia Martins, from Twitter, in Sao Paulo

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