Photoshop will get a sky exchange feature, like Luminar –


Adobe today released another of its traditional “sneak peeks” of a novelty that will soon arrive at Photoshop CC.

This time, it is a very familiar resource for us, who recently played with Luminar: sky exchange in images with a few clicks.

The feature is based, of course, on the intelligence of Adobe Sensei and automatically detects which area of ​​the photo should be replaced by the sky.

Photoshop will come with some sky variations for the user to choose, who can also insert the image they want. The cool thing is that the rest of the photo is automatically adjusted based on the colors and luminance of the sky, and the editor preserves everything in layers with masks.

Yes, friends, with the power of artificial intelligence it will become increasingly difficult for us to identify whether images were or not “Photoshoppadas”. On the one hand it is good, but …

via The Verge


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