Piracicaba opens 2020 Memorial Park in honor of the victims of Covid-19 | Piracicaba and Region


The 2020 Memorial Park will open in Piracicaba (SP) this Wednesday (23). The space is a tribute to the victims of Covid-19 in the municipality.

The green area of ​​9 thousand square meters opens from 9 am. The space will have six arboreal massifs, each dedicated to a month and with the quantity of seedlings symbolizing and honoring the victims corresponding to the period.

In total, there will be the planting of 9 pau d’alho seedlings (April), 19 imbirinha seedlings (May), 64 saguaragi seedlings (June), 104 yellow ipê seedlings (July), 88 ivory tree seedlings (August) and 50 seedlings of dry flour (September). As the number of victims increases, more trees will be planted in the future.

Due to the large volume of seedlings, most of them will be planted beforehand. In the fourth, there will be some copies symbolizing the tribute.

The event will be attended by a restricted number of people, following the Covid-19 health prevention protocol. Walter Radamés Accorsi de Souza Sobrinho, who lost a brother to the disease, will represent the bereaved families and plant a tree seedling to register the opening of Memorial Park 2020.

Memorial Park 2020 honors victims of Covid-19 in Piracicaba – Photo: Disclosure / City Hall

According to the city, the 2020 Memorial Park will be installed in an area of ​​8,979.81 square meters located around a permanent preservation area (APP). The space is located between Creuza Zawitoski, Ana Maria Rodrigues and Avenida Antônio Carlos da Rocha Conceição, in the Vale do Sol neighborhood.

Composed of massive trees, it was designed to be a place of ecological leisure, reflection and contemplation for the population, according to the city hall.


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