Police block R $ 730 million from the PCC and seize speedboats and helicopters


Speedboat seized in operation (Credit: Disclosure / PF)

This Wednesday (30) the Federal Police (PF) launched Operation King of Crime in São Paulo. The target of the action is a financial arm that has been operating in favor of the First Capital Command (PCC) for over 10 years. The investigation prohibited more than 70 companies and blocked, with the authorization of the Justice, bank accounts whose values ​​exceed R $ 730 million.

In nine cities – São Paulo (SP), Bauru (SP), Igaratá (SP), Mongaguá (SP), Guarujá (SP), Tremembé (SP), Londrina (PR), Curitiba (PR) and Balneário Camboriú (SC) – More than 200 federal police officers serve 13 preventive arrest warrants, 43 search and seizure warrants and the hijacking of 32 cars in luxury apartments and companies.

There are also nine motorcycles, two helicopters, a yacht, three watercraft, 58 trucks and 42 trailers and semi-trailers, with an approximate value that exceeds R $ 32 million in assets hijacked by the criminal faction. The warrants were issued by the 6th Federal Criminal Court of São Paulo.

Among those investigated are entrepreneurs in the fuel sector and even one of those convicted of involvement in the theft at the Central Bank of Brazil, which took place in Fortaleza (CE), in 2005. In total, 20 are indicted. The group will be responsible for the crimes of criminal organization and money laundering. During the investigation, the Federal Police tracked financial transactions and identified the existence of a fuel network, including a distributor, which operated for the benefit of the criminal faction, laundering assets of illicit origin, through companies with solid market presence and companies facade or oranges.

The Financial Activities Control Council (COAF) also provided financial intelligence reports to the PF. The documents pointed out atypical movements of the investigated group, whose value exceeds the figure of R $ 30 billion. “In an unprecedented way, the Federal Police requested in court the interdiction of the financial economic activity of 73 legal entities (gas stations, convenience stores and advisory and accounting offices) used by the criminal faction to move illicit values, which will become be administered by the National Drug Policy Secretariat, ”says a note from the PF advisory.

The operation was named King of Crime in reference to businessmen who promote and finance criminal organizations without carrying out the violent actions they perpetrate.

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