Police give oral sex to colleague in patrol car while on duty – Unusual


Two Gwent police officers in Wales, UK, were removed from the police force after it was discovered that they had sex with each other while on duty. Zoe Philips, 32, is said to have given oral sex to police officer Andrew Perry, 35, while working in a patrol car.

According to the Daily Star, the two were ‘plotted’ by the GPS of the police cars they were driving, which showed the encounter between the two in the same area, for no apparent professional reason.

The two officers were the subject of disciplinary proceedings for professional misconduct, following an anonymous tip that is said to have come from the police force where the two officers worked. The police, mother of a child, are also said to have sent sexual and sensual selfies to Perry, married to another police officer who serves in the same police station.

Andrew Perry confessed “intense caresses” exchanged between the two and admitted that his professional colleague had given him oral sex. The two arranged a meeting point and followed, in police cars, to remote areas, where sexual encounters would take place.

It was decided that the two would be removed from the police and prohibited from returning to service in any police force.


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