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Covid-19 deaths exceed 1 million worldwide

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Deaths caused by the new coronanavirus exceeded the 1 million mark. According to the latest data from John Hopkins University, Covid-19 has claimed 1,001,646 fatalities worldwide. The first death from the disease was registered about nine months ago, in China.

A fifth was registered in the United States of America, the country most affected by the pandemic with more than 205 thousand deaths, followed by Brazil, with more than 142 thousand, and India, with more than 95 days.

On Sunday, some platforms, such as the Worldometer, reported 1 million deaths worldwide, prompting WHO to warn on Monday that the total number of fatalities was being underestimated and that this barrier should be reduced. outdated that day.

The numbers do not appear to show signs of slowing down, and experts are predicting that the number of deaths could double before an effective vaccine against Covid-19 hits the market. According to CNN accounts, there are currently 35 vaccines to be tested in humans against the disease, but there is no certainty that they will be approved for general use.

For Mike Ryan, responsible for the WHO emergency program, the prediction of 2 million deaths “is certainly unimaginable (…), but it is not impossible”.

We will continue to monitor these and other developments relating to the Covid-19 pandemic throughout the day. To keep up with yesterday, check out our liveblog Monday:

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