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A pregnant woman dived into the sea of ​​the Florida Keys archipelago, in the US state of Florida, to save her husband from a shark attack.

Police said Andrew Charles Eddy, 30, was snorkeling on Sombrero’s coral reefs on Sunday (20) when he was bitten by the animal, almost immediately after entering the water.

Margot Dukes-Eddy, his wife, saw the shark’s dorsal fin and Andrew’s blood in the water, when he decided “without hesitation” to jump to try to rescue him, as reported by local authorities. She managed to get her husband to a safe place, and family members called 911.

Andrew was rescued by helicopter and taken to a hospital in Miami, where he received treatment for serious injuries to his shoulder.

One of the rescue workers, Ryan Johnson, told local media that the man was in “critical condition” when the team arrived.

The couple, a native of the state of Georgia, were on vacation in Florida with their family and had rented a private boat to get to know the region.

Some people in the group were already in the water when Andrew entered. The police report also points out that there were other bathers in the same area.

Witnesses said they saw a large two or three meter long shark earlier that day that appeared to be a flat-headed shark (known as “bull shark” in English).

Florida records the highest number of shark attacks on humans in the world – although shark attacks are generally considered to be quite rare events. There were 21 in 2019, according to the Florida Museum.

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