presenter posts photo coming home and ‘door to giants’ draws attention


Rodrigo Faro shared a photo of the (huge) door of his house

Playback / Instagram

De Splash, in São Paulo

09/29/2020 21h04

Rodrigo Faro came home after a day of recording at work and decided to post a photo at the entrance to his mansion making a joke. But apparently, the one who stole the scene was the gigantic door that appeared at the bottom of the image.

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Instantly, that door became everything we dream of having when we grow up, right?

The comedian Marlei Cevada did the math: there are 4 Faros stacked on the door!

Four Faros fit on his door - Reproduction / Instagram - Reproduction / Instagram
Image: Playback / Instagram

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In the publication, originally made on the official Instagram of the Record presenter, the followers of Faro were also shocked by the size of the door.

Studying to have a door like this

The perfect door for friends with horn to be able to pass easily

Only the value of that door changed my life!


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