Princess Eugenie’s son should not receive royal title


Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank

At the end of the last week it was announced that the princess Eugenie and the husband, Jack Brooksbank, expect the first child, a baby that is due to be born in the beginning of 2021. This will be the ninth great-grandson of the queen Isabel II do duke of edinburgh and the first grandson of the Dukes of York, the prince André e Sarah Ferguson, thus starting a new generation of York, although the baby will probably not receive any title.

Eugenie’s first son of York, who bears the title of Royal Highness, will occupy the eleventh place in the line of succession to the throne, after the mother and before the prince Eduardo, your great-uncle. For this reason, it is very unlikely that he will ever occupy the throne, so he should not receive any title at birth, nor receive Royal Highness treatment, since both inherit the male line and Jack Brooksbank did not receive any title when marrying Eugenie.

The only person who can change this condition is the queen, who, if she so decides, can grant a title to Prince André’s first grandson. However, it is not expected that this will happen, since the monarch has other great-grandchildren who do not bear any title, such as the daughters of Peter PhillipsSavannah e Isla – and your sister’s daughters, ZaraMy e Lena – the four granddaughters of the princess Ana. This is also the case for the son of Harry e Meghan, Archie, who, due to the parents’ wishes, received no real title at birth.


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