PSDB and politicians reject murder of candidate for councilor in Patrocnio – Politics


Cssio Remis was killed with five shots after engaging in a discussion with Jorge Marra, brother of the Mayor of Patrocnio (foto: Reproduo/Facebook)

Repercute on Thursday night (24) the death of lawyer Cssio Remis, shot to death in the afternoon in Patrocnio, in Alto Paranaba. Jorge Marra, Secretary of Works of the local prefecture and brother of the current mayor, is fugitive and the prime suspect in the crime.

By way of note, the PSDB, party to which Remis was affiliated, took a stand. “The PSDB of Minas Gerais expresses its deepest repdio extreme violence that befell the municipal president of PSDB of Patrocnio, Cssio Remis dos Santos, 37 years old ”, informed the acronym.

“No political divergence justifies replacing the debate with violent means, especially when it comes to human lives,” said the party. The PSDB also demanded apurao rigorous facts and “exemplary” application of the law.

On Twitter, party president, federal deputy Paulo Abi-Ackel, reproduced a similar note from the PSDB.

Already a member of the party in the past, state deputy Joo Vtor Xavier (Citizenship) said he was “sad and perplexed ” with the crime against whom he referred to as “friend”.

“Inadmissible and revolting what happened, the Justia needs to be strict. Cassio, his history and struggle will not be forgotten! May God comfort the family members ”, wrote the candidate Prefeitura de BH.

The crime

The crime took place on the premises of the Works Department. Minutes before being killed, Remis made a video in which he criticized a work to renovate the sidewalk on the property that would be the committee of Mayor Deir Marra, who is trying to be reelected this year. The workforce would be from the Patrocnio City Hall itself, according to Remis.

The video was interrupted by the secretary Jorge Marra, who takes the cell phone of the person who recorded Cssio Remis and takes the device to the headquarters of the Works Department.

According to the Military Police (PM), Jorge tried to break the device and ran away in a white Ford Ranger truck.

Immediately, Cssio Remis followed the current Works secretary to try to retrieve his cell phone. On the spot, the discussion continued.

At one point, according to the PM, Jorge Marra shot the candidate for councilor five times, who died on the spot.

The Civil Police’s expertise has already been in place to start investigations. The PM is now working to try to arrest Jorge Marra.

Also according to the PM, the entire staff of the 46th Batalho is committed to trying to arrest Jorge Marra.

The corporation, however, has no clue as to his whereabouts. Sure the man ran away in a silver Toyota Hilux.


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