PSI-20 falls for the fifth session with Galp in March minimum and BCP in historic minimum – Bolsa


The national stock exchange slipped again, with the PSI-20 down 0.84% ​​to 4,087.51 points. This is the fifth consecutive break session for the national index, which remains at May 18 lows. If this record is maintained, September should be the third month with a negative balance this year, alongside March and July.

Outside, the main European markets show solid gains. Investors are recovering the spirits that seemed lost in recent days, in a speech by the president of the United States central bank, Jerome Powell, who recognizes improvements in the largest economy in the world, but points a long way to full recovery.

In Lisbon, Galp is the heavyweight highlighted in red, giving 3.18% to 8.28 euros, a minimum of 23 March, contradicting the recovery trend it showed in the previous session. The oil company goes against the grain, on a day when both the barrel in London and New York account for almost 1%.

Banco BCP had four successive declines, and even retreated to an all-time low, 8.37 cents, following a 1.88% decline. Miguel Maya’s institution closed sliding 1.64% to 8.39 cents, at a time when European banking continues to be heavily punished in the stock market.
Also damaging are the bins again, all falling more than 1.5%. Navigator depreciates 2.18% to 2.15 euros, Semapa drops 1.83% to 7.51 euros and Altri decreases 1.71% to 3.91 euros.

Mota-Engil occupies the third place on the losses podium, falling 3.13% to 1.11 euros, on the day it announced it had arrived an agreement with Horizon Equity Partners for the sale of stakes in two hospital concessions in Portugal, for 21 million euros. In the last 16 sessions, Mota-Engil only added once, quoting at least on May 18th.

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