Pyong Lee wins $ 200,000 Rolex watch as a gift for 28 years


Pyong Lee celebrated his 28 years in style. The youtuber, who celebrated his birthday yesterday, won a luxury watch from the Rolex brand, valued at R $ 200,000, by his wife, Sammy.

In his channel, the hypnologist shared the entire trajectory to receive the gift, which he assessed as the “most expensive of his life”.

In the video, Sammy decided that Pyong should “deserve” the watch, a Rolex Day-Date 40, and subjected her husband to several challenges.

The “BBB 20” participant had to crawl on his back on a track on the floor of his mansion, stack cups with the aid of a bladder, blow balls through a straw to a finish line, answer a game of questions and answers about his wife and, finally, go on a treasure hunt of objects at the bottom of his pool. All in just 3 minutes.

Despite the limited time, the hypnologist managed to complete all stages in 2 minutes and 38 seconds, earning the “right” to open Sammy’s gift.

Without the courage to unwrap the box, fearful of the value of the gift, Pyong first showed the package to the camera, which already sported the logo of the watch brand.

“Oh, life, seriously, it’s not possible,” said Pyong when he saw the bag. “Gonna cry,” joked the mother of the former BBB, who attended her son’s home party.

“I will not cry. I would cry. But I do not know if I cry with anger or joy. It is a mixture of emotions. Those who are watching this video and do not know this logo here will not understand, but my God,” he explained. , who showed concern about the money his wife spent.

“You always wanted to, my love, but you don’t have the heart to buy,” said Sammy. “Please make it as cheap as possible,” said Pyong, amused by his mother and his team, who were recording the video.

But soon Pyong’s concern took a back seat, after the youtuber was impressed by the lavish details of the present.

“No, look at that box, can you see the texture? That clasp must be gold. I don’t even know how to open it,” he said.

“I paid cash,” joked Sammy. “Wow, now I’m going to want to see it all the time. I’m going to ask people to ask me what time it is,” said the birthday boy as he put the accessory on his wrist.

The white gold version of Pyong is quoted for around R $ 200 thousand reais in the watch market, coming to cost more than R $ 300 thousand in its diamond version.

Rolex Day-Date 40 model, gift from Pyong, sells for more than R $ 200 thousand in its simplest version

Image: Playback / Internet / Chrono 24


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