R $ 600 allowance: Withdrawal schedule for the fifth installment this Wednesday (30)


On Wednesday (30), the beneficiaries of R $ 600 emergency aid finish receiving the fifth installment. This group started receiving the benefit in April and will be the only one that will be entitled to the four installments of the extension, which will credit R $ 300 each month.

This Wednesday (30) payment will be made to beneficiaries born in December. This group will be able to withdraw in kind and transfer from October 27th.

The first installment of R $ 300 for this group is also starting to be paid today. See below the schedule for the fifth installment of the R $ 600 aid.

Fifth installment payment

August 28: born in January

September 2: born in February

September 4: born in March

September 9: born in April

September 11: born in May

September 16: born in June

September 18: born in July

September 23: born in August

September 25: born in September

September 28: born in October

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September 28: born in November

September 30: born in December

Withdraw the transfer of the 5th installment

September 19: born in January

September 22: born in February

September 29: born in March

October 1: born in April

October 3: born in May

October 6: born in June

October 8: born in July

October 13: born in August

October 15: born in September

October 20: born in October

October 22: born in November

October 27: born in December


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