R $ 600 grant has the 3rd DELAYED installment released TODAY


The payment of the third installment of R $ 600 emergency aid enters its final phase this week. Beneficiaries born in October and November will receive payment on Monday (28). The calendar ends September 30, when it pays for those born in December.

But the withdrawal calendar runs until October 27. Beneficiaries born in October will be able to withdraw aid from October 20. Those born in November, on the other hand, may start on October 22.

The third installment is being paid to those who received the first between 16 and 17 June and between 27 June and 4 July. Check below the complete aid calendars.

Third installment payment

  • August 28: born in January
  • September 2: born in February
  • September 4: born in March
  • September 9: born in April
  • September 11: born in May
  • September 16: born in June
  • September 18: born in July
  • September 23: born in August
  • September 25: born in September
  • September 28: born in October
  • September 28: born in November
  • September 30: born in December

Withdraw the transfer of the 3rd installment

  • September 19: born in January
  • September 22: born in February
  • September 29: born in March
  • October 1: born in April
  • October 3: born in May
  • October 6: born in June
  • October 8: born in July
  • October 13: born in August
  • October 15: born in September
  • October 20: born in October
  • October 22: born in November
  • October 27: born in December

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Aid extended until December

President Jair Bolsonaro announced the extension of emergency aid for four months in the amount of R $ 300. The extension of the aid has already been made official through a provisional measure and will now have to be approved by deputies and senators in the National Congress.

“It is not often enough for all needs, but it basically does it. The amount just defined is just over 50% of the Bolsa Família value. So, we decided here, even taking into account the economy over fiscal responsibility, to set it at R $ 300 ”, said Bolsonaro.

This year, the Executive deposited five installments of R $ 600 for aid beneficiaries, aiming to help low-income Brazilians, informal workers, MEIs, self-employed and unemployed.

President Jair Bolsonaro had already informed about the reduction of the benefit amount and argues that, if the amount may seem little to Brazilians affected by the pandemic, “it is a lot for those who pay, in this case, Brazil”.

According to calculations made by the economic team, the monthly cost of the benefit was R $ 50 billion per month during the first phase of the program.

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