Rachel Sheherazade is hurriedly dismissed by Silvio Santos and forbidden to say her last goodbye


Rachel Sheherazade he had to leave the SBT Brasil bench ahead of schedule. After almost 10 years at the helm of the station’s main news program, his contract that would expire on October 31, has not been renewed.

Rachel’s fans were hopeful that the house would renovate with the journalist, but unfortunately the long-awaited deal did not happen. According to the journalist Ricardo Feltrin, the renovation would not have happened due to Rachel’s high salary, which would exceed the amount of R $ 200 thousand.

To the public’s surprise, Rachel was rushed off the bench early Monday evening, September 28, with more than a month to go until the contract expired.

Rachel, in an outburst tone, posted a video on her YouTube channel and gave details of everything that happened.

Rachel Sheherazade says goodbye to the public through video on YouTube

“Our contract should continue until October 31 of that year, but SBT communicated to me, by e-mail, that as of today, Monday, September 28, I would no longer need to go back to the broadcaster and to present SBT Brasil ”, said Rachel at the beginning of the video.

Rachel took the opportunity to pin the network and say that, due to her time in the house, she would not like to go out with the French. She thanked the fans for following the trajectory at the station, and said that this would not be a “last chapter”, but a new one, full of expectations, dreams and challenges.

Rachel Sheherazade and the SBT

Rachel arrived at the São Paulo broadcaster in 2010, coming from the network’s affiliate in the state of Paraíba, TV Tambaú, where she started in the early 2000s. She gained notoriety and attracted Silvio’s attention for being a journalist who says what one thinks without any fear.


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