Rafa Brites admits crisis in marriage during quarantine: ‘We have problems, discussions’


Married for ten years to the presenter Felipe Andreoli, with whom he has the son Rocco, 3, Rafa Brites admits that his marriage was not completely unharmed in quarantine. She reveals that the couple went through a crisis.

“It’s great to grow up with someone, to be able to have that safe haven and people say: ‘Ah, a perfect life’, but of course not. We have many problems, discussions, at the beginning of the quarantine we even went through a small crisis, but with love and calm everything is resolved, at work, in relationships, in everything ”, she said in a virtual chat with Daniela Albuquerque in“ Sensacional ”.

At the moment, far from TV, Rafa Brites has dedicated himself to his personal project called “Transforming Dreams into Reality” and makes a self-criticism: “My search was no longer a search for bringing information, joy and everything, but for vanity, by ego. I wanted to be bigger, I wanted to be on a higher level and that’s when I saw that I was on the wrong path “.

Daniela Albuquerque remotely interviews Rafa Brites Photo: disclosure / TV network!


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