Rafa Kalimann ‘teased’ by friend with snack during exercise


Rafa Kalimann suffered a “temptation” while performing exercises today. At the time of the activity, one of her friends used a snack to attract the attention of the former BBB.

“Is she teasing?”, Wrote Rafa when showing the beginning of the scene in Instagram Stories. In the sequence, the friend approached the digital influencer and started to follow the abdominals holding the snack.

The joke generated laughter from another colleague, who recorded the moment. Following, Rafa played with her friend. “The pretty one! Look what she’s doing”. “Dancing,” replied the person in charge of the filming.

Rafa Kalimann’s good form draws the attention of followers on social networks. Today, the digital influencer won a compliment from Bruna Marquezine. “And what a butt, huh, my daughter ?! Benza Deus”, said the actress on Twitter.


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