Razer upgrades high-end products to wireless versions


Be the headset, the mouse, or even the keyboard, it is rare the peripheral that, at the end of the day, we would not like to have the same version, with the same performance, but without wires. A wireless device ends up looking better on the desk, helping to improve the appearance of the setup and creating more and better mobility. However, when converting to wireless products we can always lose some performance, right?

It was with this in mind that Razer decided to upgrade its line of high end peripherals to its wireless versions, bringing the new Razer BlackShark V2 Pro, DeathAdder V2 Pro e BlackWidow V3 Pro. The three devices use HyperSpeed ​​technology which makes connecting to the PC stable and equally fast… even without wires.

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It was not so long ago that Razer presented its Razer BlackShark V2, The headset professional range of the brand now receives its wireless version. The HyperSpeed ​​technology, new microphone and a battery for 24 hours arrive at a peripheral with only 320 grams, the brand also says that the microphone has also been updated, now allowing a clearer voice with less noise.

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According to Alvin Cheung, Senior Vice President, Razer Peripherals Business Unit, each time the brand launches “A new product, many fans ask for a wireless version”. Good news for these fans as one of Razer’s best-known products is its mouse, especially its line DeathAdder, and that this line will now receive its wireless update with the new DeathAdder V2 Pro. The new peripheral will also have the possibility of being connected via cable in addition to the connection bluetooth and yes Razer HyperSpeed Wireless which, as with cable, enables low latency values.

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Finally, the addition that completes the range top family – O BlackWidow V3 Pro. The new keyboard is the first keyboard gaming brand to have wireless technology. It comes equipped with a battery that allows autonomy of up to 200 hours and still switches improved mechanics. Like the mouse DeathAdder V2 Pro, the new keyboard can also be connected via cable, bluetooth or Razer HyperSpeed Wireless.


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