Real meaning of Friends’ final speech is explained


The ending of Friends was exciting for many fans. With 10 seasons, each of the characters took on a different destiny – separating the beloved group.

In The Last One, also called The One Where They Say Goodbye, the final line is with Chandler, Matthew Perry’s character. Everyone leaves the old apartment and Rachel suggests a coffee among the group.

So, Chandler just asks, “Where?” It’s a melancholy and meaningful way to end the show.

For many, the “where” is simply the Central Perk. Throughout the series, Chandler always showed a lot of irony in his mood.

However, there may be another meaning. In one of those moments of remembering the beginning, the speech may indicate the fact that the first scene was at Central Perk, in a casual meeting for a coffee.

Apparently, the meaning may be just that. Chandler’s question goes unanswered for a reason.

In some interviews, the co-creator explained the meaning of the final scene. The idea was to remember Friends as the series has always existed.

David Crane commented that the team “did not want to take the series out of the series”. In other words, the ideal was to end up inside the apartment that remains in the imagination of fans when quoting Friends.

The “where” can mean the same. Everyone will think of Central Perk, where much of the series has also taken place.

Co-creator Marta Kauffman revealed that several comedy endings were analyzed. And the team sought inspiration to end this way.

For now, this is what is known about the ending. But, soon more information will be revealed.

Friends will have a meeting at HBO Max. For now, there is still no forecast for the attraction, which will bring the cast together to talk about the show.

In Brazil, all seasons of the series are on Netflix.


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