‘Reduced the breast and raised’


Former BBB Gizelly Bicalho underwent surgery to remove lumps in the breasts.

During a chat with the followers, the influencer commented on her Instagram about the procedure performed. “I removed those nodules on the right side and below the left side. On the left side, he removed mammary glands, which were already forming new nodules,” she said.

Gizelly also commented on breast reduction. “People, as he removed a lot of material, there was skin left over. He removed the skin. I had undergone mammoplasty four years ago and already had silicone. Then he reduced his chest and got up,” she said.

The former BBB, who has already performed other surgeries, said she felt no fear at all. “I was calm. I woke up, gave anesthesia, I woke up with cold, which is normal,” he said.

“The first time I removed the lump, I was 16 years old. At 24 to 25, I removed the lump, underwent mammoplasty, put silicone, lipo and put fat on the butt. Now, this time, with the removal of all material from the chest, he he did mammoplasty again. Only I already had silicone, he just removed the skin. I trust him a lot, so I was not afraid “, Gizelly said.


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