Rejoice of Jojo’s fight with Biel and DR of Jojo and Mariano mark the day


The Farm 2020: Jojo Todynho gets angry with Biel

Playback / RecordTV

Collaboration for Splash, in São Paulo

28/09/2020 19h09

The second in “A Fazenda 2020” (RecordTV) was no different. Jojo Todynho’s scolding in Biel yesterday, has dominated the house and increasingly defined the division of groups. Who is #teamjojo #teambiel #teampefironaoopinar! Fire in the hay more alive than ever!

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Biel and Lipe Ribeiro talk about votes and Jojo Todynho - Reproduction / RecordTV - Reproduction / RecordTV

Biel and Lipe Ribeiro talk about votes and Jojo Todynho

Image: Playback / RecordTV

In the morning, when he heard that the pedestrians were analyzing his posture with Biel, Jojo called Mariano to understand what was going on. The singer tried to ask her to try to be more tolerant. “Calm down, let your guard down, Jojo. A crowd didn’t even sleep. I’m trying to talk,” said the countryman.

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The funkeira did not change her opinion “I don’t do anything. I don’t put up with debauchery. I didn’t talk to the rest of the crowd. Whether they were nervous or not, I’m just sorry.” Mariano also recalls Jojo’s disagreement with Cartolouco and advises: “I’m sorry, it will be good for you”.

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The shell of this edition, Cartolouco, was light today! As soon as he saw the rain fall in “A Fazenda 2020”, the journalist, who is not so fond of facing a shower, soap … did not think his times and already guaranteed his shower with rainwater followed by a jump in the pool .

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